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Season 5

Old and new rivalries ignite when new leadership takes over The Next Step. As the studio splits in two the dancers have to navigate this new dynamic. All the while being forced to compete against their former friends.

Love triangles, broken relationships, and betrayal all threaten to get in the way of the one thing that should unite them, dance. 

Airing Fridays at 4:30pm et/pt, with an encore at 7pm et/pt on Family Channel in Canada.



Having achieved their dreams of competing at an international level, many A-Troupe members feel it is time to move on.

With many spots on the team left open a new group of dancers comes to the forefront to see if they have what it takes to take it to the top.




Season 3 follows The Next Step Dance Studio on their journey towards Absolute Dance Internationals. Following the discovery of an eviction notice, the team is forced to work with their longtime rivals, Elite. As the team struggles to be just that, a team, Internationals draws closer every day.


This season focuses on the team's desire to win Absolute Dance Nationals. To do this they decide to host "The Challenge", giving new members a chance to join the troupe. A-Troupe faces the harsh reality that they may not go to Nationals with the whole Regionals team.




When newcomer Michelle joins The Next Step’s competitive A-Troupe, she threatens to shake up the power structure and social dynamics that reigning Dance Captain Emily has worked so hard to build

Now, A-Troupe must navigate new relationships, injuries, and betrayals while working towards their ultimate goal: to win the Absolute Dance Regionals competition.